Hughenden Show Committee 1912

Horse Program 2019

Hughenden Show Ring Program 2019.pdf Hughenden Show Ring Program 2019.pdf
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Type : pdf


RING 1 - Jan Taylor

RING 2/Dressage - Sharon Crossland

JUMP - Robert & Judy McLachlan

Horse Patterns 2019

- Dressage patterns are hyperlinked to online Show Ring Program 

Workinghorse Pattern Junior 2018.jpg Workinghorse Pattern Junior 2018.jpg
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Workinghorse Pattern Senior 2018.jpg Workinghorse Pattern Senior 2018.jpg
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Horsemanship Jnr & Snr 2019 - Below

-start at (A) cone

-jog to and around (B) cone

-lope right lead from (B) to (C) cone

-after (C) cone simple lead change to left lead

- left lead to (D) cone

Other Schedules 2019

Hughenden Show Stud Cattle 2019.pdf Hughenden Show Stud Cattle 2019.pdf
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Type : pdf
Pavilion Schedule 2019.pdf Pavilion Schedule 2019.pdf
Size : 1147.619 Kb
Type : pdf
WOOL schedule 2019.pdf WOOL schedule 2019.pdf
Size : 207.562 Kb
Type : pdf
Prime Cattle Schedule 2019.pdf Prime Cattle Schedule 2019.pdf
Size : 469.923 Kb
Type : pdf
Poultry Schedule 2019.pdf Poultry Schedule 2019.pdf
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Type : pdf

Other Forms 2019

Trade Space Application 2019.pdf Trade Space Application 2019.pdf
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Type : pdf